Nerdiness & Bands (again…)


I’m such a dork. I’m seriously so bad at self-portraits.

A week or so again, someone sent me a comment and told me they were a big fan of “my style” and I was all, uhhhh… dude, I wear band t-shirts and shorts every day. I’m really not a style-blogger. I have some style-blogger friends, but I promise you that’s just a coincidence. ESPECIALLY in the summertime. It’s so hot here that I can’t even think about what “looks good.” I just try to pick out the outfit that will make me the least uncomfortable. I’m a big baby about the heat, and summer is NOT my favorite time of year.

Stereo Reunion Show? Holyfuckingshit!

So, I’ve kind of been freaking out for the last day or two, because one of my favorite record labels from back in the day is having a 15 year reunion show and some of the bands that are reuniting for the show are ones I saw 10 years ago in Detroit. I don’t know if I’m going to  be able to go yet, but I’m at least considering it at this point. Among these bands are THE STEREO.  (omg.)


Two of my favorite songs off of one of my all time favorite albums. Sarah & I interviewed the Stereo back when we were doing the LSR zine (by the way, when I dug out this copy of the zine to take an instagram pic, I couldn’t believe that we interviewed the Stereo, okGo AND Motion City Soundtrack in the same issue. Were we freakin’ awesome, or what?)

I dug out a copy of the zine with the Stereo interview. Because I'm a dork.

PS: yesterday I decided I needed to paint on an old 45. SO I DID. Behold:


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