awesome mail day

Check out what an awesome mail day it was. (Here’s the mail it never fails to make me want to wag my tail…) I ordered some business cards, PAPERCUTS stickers and finally ordered a PAPERCUTS stamp, too!

Business Cards

( : : [ ♥ ] : : )


I ordered all of this through Vistaprint. They’re not my favorite place to order business cards & stuff through (I actually prefer Over Night Prints. They’ve got really great quality stock and printing, but you pay a little bit more for small quantity orders.) I had to go for super cheap this go-round, and while the quality isn’t quite as good, it’s good enough. I’m usually pretty impressed with what I can get for cheap from Vistaprint.

Buyer beware: Vistaprint uses tricky (and somewhat unethical) web design to try to get you to sign up for sponsors offers. As you would on any web site, be careful with your information and double check when you check-out that you aren’t signing up for anything you don’t want.

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