Live-Streaming from Red 7 in Austin, TX, my friend David Didonato is attempting to defeat the current World Record streak for the longest guitar solo!

Live broadcasting by Ustream

From badassdigest.com:

Former J Church/Rat King/Ultimate Dragons guitarist and current Modok guitarist/music instructor David Didonato is convinced he can defeat the current Guinness Book of World Records streak for the longest guitar solo of all time (currently at 24 hours and 18 minutes with a Guinness approved 5 minute break every hour). Starting Sunday, May 13th at 7pm CST and (hopefully) lasting until Monday, May 14th at 7pm David will attempt to shred the world record.

David was my husband’s art college roommate, along with (fellow J Church member) Ben Snakepit, whose comics we published in the Young American Comics days. …got all that?


From dmx.com:

JQ: …If you succeed, do you think you’ll try to get it in the “good book” ? [the Guinness Book of World Records.]

DD: I hope! When I told my kids about my plan to be in the Book of World Records they said, “Yeah – but it’d be better if you got in it for something cool.”

They’ve been around guitar solos for their entire lives, so to them it’s just something that their dorky dad does.

JQ: One day they’ll know how cool you are, even if they’re embarrassed now! I want to know what the hell possessed you to do this.

DD: I’ve always been fascinated by artistic endeavors that are considered “extreme”. Kind of like Andy Warhol filming a guy sleeping, or enormous paintings, sculptures, etc.

I just think that if you’re going to do something, you should push it to its absolute limit.

Go, David! Go!


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  1. Why did you stop blogging? I just found you and you make me smile. I love your style and I would love to see more art journal pages!

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