#MusicMonday– Bands to Check Out


I visited GTG House on Saturday Night, to celebrate the end of the oppressive heat wave and see five awesome bands.

0720gtg_solongnaota(Photo by Kendall D Lartigue via Tumblr)

I’m going to start right out by name dropping here. (I know, right?) Ryan of So Long Naota and I have known each other for a thousand years, (he was even in a couple Life’s So Rad strips!) from way back when I first moved to Lansing and my friends all hung out at a coffee shop open mic night.

These guys are a lot of fun. I really like “Better Believe.”

Lost Love got added on to the show late – these guys are from Montreal and I really enjoyed their set, too. They were also pretty hilarious. We had a lot of fun talking politics, poutine and TIm Hortons with them. :)


Brown Bottle Flu are apparently disbanding soon, and that is a shame because this three-piece made me dance my face off.

Jake Simmons and the Little Ghosts are from Kalamazoo and are one of my new favorite Michigan bands. They recently released Them & Them & Us. This is the first track, Them (In These Hands):

I also very much enjoyed Small Parks, from Detroit. This was a great show. I had so much fun. Definitely one of those nights that even as it’s happening, you know you’ll remember it for a long time. Hooray for awesome local music! Thanks, GTG House!

0720gtg_smallparks(Photo via Bandcamp)

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