A Slightly Fonder Farewell to 2014

Earlier this week, I made a post about 2014; the extent of which was “Good Riddance.” But the truth is, while it was certainly one of the hardest years I’ve been through, it was also one of immense personal growth and strength.

I don’t have an official “bucket list,” but I did a lot of things in 2014 that I had never done before. Some of these accomplishments were things I’d always wanted to do – others were things that I found myself doing on my own for the first time. 2014 was a year of breaking down insecurities and building self-confidence.

It was a year of being brave.

I performed live music twice and a stand-up comedy set. I got to dance around in a music video. I made my triumphant return to Comic Book conventions. I got my nipples pierced(!) I did boring grown-up things like opening a bank account and getting a credit card and a part-time job (one that I enjoy!) I published my Art Journal Basics zine. I met so many new people and made so many new friends. I got a new studio space to work in and a new place to live. (I moved so many books.) I finally learned to drink beer. I illustrated shirts for a couple of rad bands.


I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of the strength and willpower that I found, and proud of the additional strength and willpower that I earned as a result of stepping up to these challenges.

I can’t wait to see what new challenges and opportunities 2015 will bring. Let’s do this.


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