#artjournaldaily – March 08, 2016 – Free Daily Art Journal Prompts

March 08, 2016

Art Journal Prompt of the Day:

Today is International Women’s Day. Honor one or more of the many awesome women in your life!

Reflect on a woman who inspires you or has had a major impact on your life. She can be someone in your own life, someone famous, or even a fictional character! Draw her portrait, paste her picture, or create art in your journal inspired by your lady hero. Write a letter to her, record her history, or write about why she inspires you.


Use the prompt above as a starting point for your Art Journal today. Reflect on and answer one or more of the questions, either literally with words (in the sense of a traditional journal entry) or representationally through artwork, imagery, writing, photos or other preferred means of expression. Combine writing & images as you see fit. Enjoy the process!!

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